Im Gehäus / In his room

27 min.
D 2017, Original Engl.

Verleih arsenal distribution

Kamera, Schnitt: Eva C. Heldmann

Premiere Februar 2017, Berlinale 


Dennis and I live together. One year ago I started to explore his 30.8 square meters with my camera. This portrait of a man in his workroom emerged.

Papers cover the floor, mixed up - a lot of contradictory details. In between noted thoughts, mathematical formulas, graphic sketches, and receipts, there are novels, scientific books, issues of the New York Review, tools, lenses, pieces of wood, cardboards, plastic bags, and dust..

On the one hand things appear as mysterious chaos of details. On the other hand a self-willed world becomes visible: the world of a mathematician, of a thinker, art historian and a handyman.  He believes the two kinds of work, handcraft and intellectual, support each other.

Dennis spent a half year working on a small geometric surprise inside Dürer's "Hieronymus im Gehäus", and confessed: "Jerome's room is my room".  How does he see that?

The camera tracks down the details in the room. I don't really trust his work methods -- little gets done -- but they drew me in, affecting my own method in this film.  Filmmaker and subject play their cat-and-mouse game.